Business Strategy

Through this strategic plan, Martinsburg Renew will be able to hold itself accountable to goals the board has set.  This document will allow each individual board member to stay true to the goals of the ministry as well as inform the public, any shareholders, sponsors, supporters, or investors of the intents and plans of Martinsburg Renew.  We plan to operate using our drafted by-laws, guided by our mission and vision statements.

Martinsburg Renew has a solid team of seven current board members who bring multiple life experiences, education, and work experiences to the project.  With the national epidemic of heroin and the rising population of substance abusers, as well as the lack of coordination of resources, Martinsburg Renew has a plan to revitalize and transform Martinsburg, West Virginia and the surrounding area.  Our plans will affect almost every member of society and will impact people of various socio-economic statuses, job occupations, and levels of education.

Martinsburg Renew’s plans take into account the current climate of our community, the current options for community development, and factors that may affect our plans both positively and negatively.  With a five-year plan, we will stay the course in enriching our community and every individual in it, while revisiting it frequently and changing it as necessary.  We will monitor the effectiveness of our efforts using tangible data and adjust our approach and programs accordingly.  We will also do as best we can to spread the news of our efforts and accomplishments while raising funds and researching grants to keep our non-profit helping the community.

To download the full Business Strategy, click here.