Mission & Vision Statement

See our "Humble Beginnings"

Mission & Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Enrich the community by enriching each individual.

Mission Statement

Modeling the love of Jesus Christ in the community by providing opportunities for enrichment. Martinsburg Renew provides leadership for the establishment of a stronger and safer community through education, recreation, economic development, social activity, and support.



Humble Beginnings

Martinsburg Renew started out of a passion of Andrew “Drew” García to transform the local community at a deeper level.  As a police officer, Drew noticed that there were many facets of society that simply could not be reached through the profession of law enforcement, most importantly those addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Drew initially saw the old Interwoven Mills complex as a perfect location for a treatment center, but realized that its large size could offer so much more.  Drew then got the idea of a Martinsburg Interwoven Community Center.  This would impact the community at its most basic level by coordinating local organizations as well as offering other programs to meet a variety of social, recreational, educational, and supportive needs.  Drew has since established a board of seven directors consisting of people from all walks of life: former addicts, addiction counselors, government workers, parents affected by children addicted to drugs, local pastors, community outreach advocates, and police officers to name a few experiences.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with our first main project to purchase the Interwoven Mills.  But we will not be able to do it alone.  We will need the support and prayers of the entire community.